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Silent Sunday 17/6/2012

Silent Sunday



Saturday is Caption Day 14/4 #satcap

Saturday is caption day at

You know the routine. Add a caption then post your own and link up! Here’s mine…….


A Short Apology

Today I have made an idiot of myself and I must apologise. Someone re-tweeted the link to the parentdish article I disagreed with. I wondered why as it was quite old so I opened it using Safari on my iPhone. The mobile version of it doesn’t show any of the comments when you open it. In fact I still can’t work out how to see them.

Naturally my suspicious mind added up 1 (re-tweet) plus 1 (missing comments) plus 1 (a comment on my blog) and made 517. I thought they’d been removed. They hadn’t. If you open it using a p.c. like I did 5 minutes ago they’re there.

I apologise to everyone who’s late afternoon I made a bit more rubbish.

The rest of you beware. The mobile version of some sites and blogs  is quite different to the p.c. version. I’ve just learned that the hard way.

*takes self in to corner and gives self a talking to*