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I’m Lovely? Not After You’ve Read This….

So that motherventing has tagged me in a meme to do with being lovely. Only it involves answering questions about marmite. Obviously. So, er, THANKS Mrs. No really. Thanks. Ever so.

What I have to do though seems really quite simple. Answer 5 questions, tag some bloggers who I consider to be lovely and get them to answer the same questions. The point presumably being that, since one question is about Boris Johnson there is no way you’ll look lovely at the end of the exercise.

1. If you could be any superhero, who would you be and why?

Wonder Woman. For the boots and whirling.

2. Marmite on toast. Match made in heaven or hell. 

Hell. Fucking horrible stuff. You do know what it LOOKS like right? And what is the point in that taste? Umami? If I want umami I’ll just get Heston Blumenthal to whip me up a Japanese soup with candied prawns and frozen noodles in. It is, though, apparently good for a hangover, what with all the vitamins. But then so is a bacon sandwich, three Nuerofen and more booze.

*gets chucked into MoVo’s dungeon*

3. Boris Johnson. Discuss.

You may have seen I’m a slight lefty even though I had ‘reactionary old fuddy duddy’ on my twitter profile for a bit, which got me followed by Grant Shapps for about 5 tweets (it was a joke, fall out from a facebook argument about the Green Party and constitutional reform. NEVER have an in-joke on your twitter profile kids). However there are Tories who I think are OK-ish. For years Andrew Bowden was respected as a hard working community MP for Brighton Kemp Town. I have always had soft spots for Ken Clarke and Winston Churchill too though possibly this is because of the booze and cigars. There are also left leaning politicians I can’t stand (Ken Livingstone springs to mind).

Boris though falls fair and square in to the ‘what a cunt’ group. In fact what a cunt on a zip-wire. Strip away the bumbling and the hair (please strip away the hair) and you’re left with a scheming Old Etonian career politician. That act? It’s ALL a stunt. Which rhymes with cunt.

4. Full fat, semi skimmed, or skimmed? 

I hate cow’s milk. Never drink it. don’t have cereal or builder’s tea and take my coffee black. I do, however, adore cheese. So the answer is full fat cow’s, sheep and goat’s milk made in to cheese.

5. Bum exercises. Squats, lunges, or sofa?

WHAT? What kind of sweet hell are BUM EXERCISES? I have never done a bum exercise in my life. If I did it in the house then the other three inhabitants would laugh me out of it and if I did it in a gym, being as I’m in Brighton, I’d end up having dinner with a tattooed choreographer named Jim.

Er tags. Well JBMumOfOne who started all this and MoVo herself are very lovely indeed but they’ve done it. So it’s to the Dads I turn here. Eddsnotdead and Bugbear are diamond geezers which is the bloke equivalent of lovely. Of course I don’t know if they WANT to do this sort of stuff but I’ve mentioned them now and thus consider the tag passed. If you do then answer the 5 questions. If not – meh.

Will that do?


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Saturday Is Caption Day 29/6/2012 #satcap

So for one week only Satcap is at Mummy Mishaps and for the first time in ages I’m joining in! Simply post your photo and then click on the badge to join in the linky and caption everyone else’s. But you knew that right?







Silent Sunday 20/5/12 #silentsunday

Silent Sunday


Saturday is Caption Day 5/5/2012 #satcap

So I haven’t satcapped for a while due to actually doing other stuff on Saturdays. Today however I’m on it like someone who’s mildly enthused. That’s enthused. Not euthanized.

Leave me a lovely caption and then join in with the linky ting here


Musical Meme-ories


The smashing bloke that is

Not Just Another Blogger

has tagged me in a music meme. I loves music I do. The hardest part was actually remembering the answers because of the kids, y’know, STEALING ALL MY BRAINCELLS THROUGH LACK OF SLEEP.

Sorry, I’m a bit shouty at the moment. It’s been a long day. Anyway rules. a) link back b) answer same 7 questions c) tag dudes and dudesses (is that even a word?). GO!

1) What was the first 7 inch single you bought?

I can vividly remember being at Primary School and having a massive crush on a blond girl called Julie Francis. I got a kiss off her a couple of times and she smelled of strawberries. She was madly in to Adam and the Ants and so, of course, I was madly in to Adam and the Ants. I saved up all my pocket money for an Adam and the Ants single – any single – and the one that came out when I had enough was Deutscher Girls in a double A side with Plastic Surgery (on re-release)  It was from their punk days when they used to hang out with Derek Jarman. I think my parents would have preferred it if I’d got Prince Charming.

2) What was the first full album you bought ? (Any format)

Albums took much more time to save up for and I had other stuff to buy so I think I got my first one by myself quite late on. I can remember listening to Introducing The Hardline According to Terrence Trent D’Arby, Gracelands by Paul Simon and Picture Book by Simply Red, all on vinyl on my Dad’s stereo. Based purely on release date I’m guessing Picture Book was my first.

3) What album do you own that you are most embarrassed to own up to?

Oh fark. Errrr……*thinks hard*…….

As an indie kid who turned in to a dance kid I made avoiding anything in the charts an absolute policy so I don’t really have any one album wonders or truly embarrassing bands in my collection. That’s not to say I don’t have quite a bit of dreadful music of course. *Looks in collection* The below is actually pretty dreadful. My wife has Roxette’s greatest hits though. Fucking awful but at least it only lasts 3 minutes.

4) What was the last album you bought?

The Ting Tings – Sounds from Nowhereville. I got it on Amazon and it only came last week so I haven’t listened to it properly. Sorry for such a dull answer. B-. Can do better.

5) What is your most favourite album of all time?

It’s between The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses, Loaded by Primal Scream, Innervisions by Stevie Wonder and The Seldom Seen Kid by Elbow. Don’t make me choose. I could sit on this particular fence until the splinters worked their way in to my body through my bum-skin and back out of my mouth again. And to compensate for that horrible mental image have a track

6) What is your favourite song of all time?

Someone asked me this on another meme and I said Open Arms by Elbow but I have had a rethink (again this is something I rethink often). My current thinking is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Musically it’s still one of the most complex singles ever made. The lyrics are mental and EVERYONE knows them. It’s one of those songs you and all your mates sing along to when you’re tipsy with your arms round each other. And Freddie is possibly the greatest showman ever. I haven’t got a lot of Queen but I could listen to this over and over again.

7) If you could use 3 words to describe your musical tastes what would they be?

Eclectic but outdated.

Erm, tags onwards.

Comfort In Sounds

Mother Venting (because it’s been AGES since I tried to make her do anything like this)

First Time Daddy

You are it should you so choose.

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The Great Gig Meme In The Sky

So the great ex-blogger @musodad is actually a session blogger now! He has started a gig meme and I have been tagged by the wonderful and also very musical Not Just Another Blogger. You can see his post here and musodad’s guest meme session post type thing here.

When I read the original I was thinking ‘please tag me, please tag me’. I love lots of music and spent much of my twenties at gigs and clubs listening to bands and dancing to DJ sets. However that was then and this is now and writing this has made me realise it has been far too long since I’ve been to one and that, these days I would likely be mistaken for a bouncer or backstage manager. Anyway, I digress, here’s what you need to do to complete the meme.

– name your first / worst / best / last / dream gig

– drag in your 5 favourite songs from the 5 bands in to the Spotify playlist Musodad created (or tweet him to add if you’re not on Spotify)

Here we go.

First Gig / Worst Gig

These were one and the same. When I was 16 I did an exchange with a French student from Paris. I was over there at the same time as Madonna was doing a big open air gig ‘somewhere’ in Paris. What’s more they had got me tickets. This pissed me off no end. For one thing I was a mainstream indie kid listening at the time to The Smiths, The Cure and The The (I probably had some kind of rule that a band had to have ‘The’ in their name before I’d play them so ‘The The’ were a bonus). Madonna was not on my musical radar. The tickets were also exorbitantly expensive and my parents, being unaware of their purchase, had not equipped me with suitable Francage. We went anyway. Madonna was about 200 miles away, she mimed and all the French kids let off tear gas at the end. It is to this day the worst music event I have ever attended. The cheeky bastards even wrote to my Mum asking for the ticket money when I got home. Grrr

Track added – Madonna / Sorry (Green Velvet Remix Edit)

Best Gig

Let me take you back to the very early 90s. Primal Scream have just released the now classic album Screamadelica. They’re touring it and I have tickets for the Brighton Event. So does my brother. He’s going with his uber cool and trendy music friends and I’m going with some football fans of dubious reputation. The Orb warm up. The Scream are brilliant, tight , funky and bonkers. Andy Weatherall then DJs till 2 in the morning playing a mix of indie, hip-hop and early house. The trendies and the North Stand regulars end up dancing together. EVERYONE dances together. For a brief time the vibe is music and love and anything is possible.

Track added – Primal Scream / Loaded

Last Gig

Here’s where it gets embarrassing. We have not been to a gig since the kids were born and a bit more. My last gig was when we were still living abroad and I was working all over Asia Pacific. It was Bob Dylan and Ani Difranco in Sydney. Ani was mad and political. Bob was slurry and bluesy. The songs were unrecognisable. My wife was disappointed. Since then we HAVE been to CBeebies live (and the Tweenies), missed out on the Pulp gig that all our mates went to and I missed getting Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry tickets by about a day. I need to get out more.

Track added – Bob Dylan / Like a Rolling Stone

Dream Gig

Between Elbow or Terry Callier. I love both but have been too rubbish to see either live. Elbow just shade it because I’m a Dad blogger and it’s compulsory for us to like  Elbow.

Track added – Elbow / Open Arms

So now I have to tag people and they are:

The J Daddy – yes AGAIN. Yes I didn’t do your 12 question one and am still working on it’s sub-varient. But I know you have a not-so-secret music sock puppet on Twitter. So there.

mummyglitzer – revenge!

mutteringsofafool – because I haven’t in a while.



Saturday is Caption Day 31/03/2012 #satcap

So it was Baby’s first ever go on a trampoline yesterday, a fact I’m celebrating by asking you to make her say cute or silly stuff using the medium of captions.  Bloggers ready? Keyboards ready? GO! And when you have join in at