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slightlysuburbandad blog launch

Once I had a blog. And it had all of 4 followers. And I ignored it and it grew stale. Mainly this was because I acquired a second child and, as new babies do she took up all my time. Now, however, she’s 14 months old and causing mayhem. She’s also starting to do stuff which is, frankly, amusing, dangerous and disgusting by turn. So instead of ignoring my writing because of her I thought I’d write about her. Well, her and her older brother. And other random stuff.

Sure they might need therapy as a result but fuck it, therapy’s good for you. I probably could have used some growing up but it was the 80s and therapy was illegal unless you were rich, American and neurotic.

*Calls shrink. Reserves place. Starts savings account. Blows savings account on rum*

So here’s the bright shiny new blog and I’m hoping for at least, oh, 5 followers this time. I’m sure it will grow with time as I work out stuff with themes, inserting actual pictures and links and stuff. I might even resurrect bits of the old one for shits and giggles. Call it a relaunch. Though I’m definitely not doing the exercise program this time.

*Checks sciatica. Smiles contentedly.*