Boy’s First Swimming Strokes

So I had a post lined up in my head which itself was unusual as I’ve been far too stupidly busy to even think about blogging lately. But something happened today that blew that idea away. A true first, one of those wonderful moments as a parent that I know I am never going to forget.

I have previously written about swimming here where I admitted that, yes, once again, my children were so spectacularly unalike that I suspected some kind of practical joke on behalf of whatever it is that makes DNA. Baby is half mermaid. I first dunked her at the age of 10 weeks and in the name of Craig Mackail-Smith the little nutter fucking loved it. Boy meanwhile would have the biggest meltdowns known to man if you just washed his hair. We got him swimming lessons almost to pay him back as much as anything else but they have just paid off. His swimming teacher got him to put his face in the water towards the end of last term. However today’s milestone owes itself squarely to three things; Sonic the Hedgehog, The Olympics and my giving up the Saturday blog game SatCap. To explain.

A while back he got ‘a go’ on my wife’s old DS and loved it so much she gave it to him. I have not been happy about this to be honest because he can get addicted to it if we are not careful but never mind. You cannot undo what has been done and we have been careful to try to limit game times and make sure he plays games that are educational. His favourite game though is ‘Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games’. It’s one of the ones he can do by himself and one of his favourite events is the swimming. When the real Olympics came on he was glued to it and particularly the swimming because they were swimming just like Sonic does in the game. He loved the Olympics, we all did (despite my misgivings about the commercial side the sporting side was wonderful) and has been utterly inspired. He runs, he jumps, he throws things (not always appropriate things) and, on our regular Saturday morning family swims he started to have pretend swimming races. This is why i have not Satcapped for a good while, because we have made sure both children get a swim with us every week and Saturday has, by and large, been the day.

This week however it had to wait till this afternoon. After a few weeks of pretending to be a cross between Michael Phelps and Sonic, only in armbands, today he asked us to take his armbands off. He was in his depth so we said yes then I challenged him to swim a few strokes and he only went and did it. Then he did it again. He got the biggest hug ever possible in a public swimming pool plus a very wet high five. By the end he’d done half a width of crawl come doggy-paddle.

I haven’t been so proud since I can remember. We are not talking a natural here. We’re talking someone who used to cry in the car on the way to the pool. Now he wants to go every day. Now he can almost swim. A parenting achievement is about to be unlocked but the work is all down to him, his swimming teacher, the Olympics and a cartoon hedgehog.

Sorry that this is not one of my more amusing posts or, for that matter, one of the longest but I’m too busy bursting with pride. What a day.


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