My Rainbow Family and How Danny Boyle Portrayed Britain Perfectly

Last night I watched the Olympics opening ceremony. I thought it was very well done, light hearted fun that I enjoyed with a glass of whisky and the snarky laughs of my fellow twitterers. I wasn’t mad on the farm animals (I didn’t get it) or Mr Bean (for I hate visual comedy) but in general I enjoyed it greatly. All the tweets were about James Bond and if the Queen was asleep in her seat and how they’d fit everyone in. Nothing about politics at all. Which is odd because I awoke to find I’d been watching a cross between a multi-cultral takeover of the country and an organised North Korean rally. And those twin bastians of casual racism, The Mail Online and the Tory backbenches had come out and said so.

Aidan Burley MP has been widely castigated already for tweeting “Thank God the athletes have arrived! Now we can move on from leftie multi-cultural crap” and I won’t go in to that as it’s been done to death. However, soon after, there appeared on Mail Online an article by Rick Dewsbury that is so stunningly moronic I can only assume he’s going head to head with Samantha Brick and Jan Moir for the Mail’s lifetime troll achievement award.

I’m not linking to it and I don’t want you to click on it. This is, after all, how they make their money. Instead we’ll take a couple of points. Dewsbury starts with stating that the NHS shouldn’t have been celebrated because of the case of Kane Gorney who died because he wasn’t given water in an NHS hospital, as if deaths don’t occur in private hospitals which of course they do. But let’s move on to my own experiences. Not only have I just had the little operation I’ve been writing about (painless, on time, out in 30 minutes, on the NHS) but they also delivered both my children and let me put it on record that I would walk over hot coals for each and every member of staff involved in the safe delivery of both my children. Bounce on that fucking bed Rick.

But the most inane claim (and the one that confirms him as Brick’s weekend stunt double – or something that sounds like stunt) is this gem.

But it was the absurdly unrealistic scene – and indeed one that would spring from the kind of nonsensical targets and equality quotas we see in the NHS – showing a mixed-race middle-class family in a detached new-build suburban home, which was most symptomatic of the politically correct agenda in modern Britain.

This was supposed to be a representation of modern life in England but it is likely to be a challenge for the organisers to find an educated white middle-aged mother and black father living together with a happy family in such a set-up.

Well hang on there Rick. You happen to be describing my family. After my educated white mother divorced from my father she moved in with, and eventually married my step dad, a Londoner who happens to have black skin. They live part of the time in France and part of the time in a flat on the ground floor of a suburban house in Finchley. When we go round for get togethers and parties me and my brother and our families come and so do my Step-Dad’s daughters from his first marriage and their families. We drink, play music and indulge in conversation and games. We are all slightly different skin hues but no-one says anything because, to be honest we don’t notice it much. That scene could be us and it could have been my stepdad 35 years ago to boot.

They’re hardly unusual either. The fact is they don’t stand out and they don’t stand out because London is a multi-cultural city as the BBC were at pains to point out in the build up. And guess what? That’s where the games are being held. Not Hereford or Taunton or Wooton-on-the-Wold. You’d expect a nod to the city actually holding the games n’est pas?

Of course Rick probably thinks that Step Families should be deported to North Korea and the BBC are some sort of left-wing propaganda machine themselves (or at least he does when he pulls on the substitute’s shirt for Trolls United when it’s Brick’s turn to have a massage). I’ve honestly NEVER read anything so woeful. So please don’t look it up or click on it. It doesn’t deserve it.

Last night I was snarking about sheep and Mr Bean. Now I’m getting wound up by the idiocy of the right. Suggests Danny Boyle got it spot on all along.


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  1. #1 by thenorthadventure on July 28, 2012 - 8:01 pm

    It’s a strange one isn’t it? I’ve not seen the article you mention, but I never understand what world people live in when they have the strangest views on things like that. I wasnt overly sold on the evenings entertainment at first, however as the evening progressed, I found myself quite enjoying it. I am going to watch it back tomorrow and see if im a bit more in tune with it then.

    • #2 by slightlysuburbandad on July 29, 2012 - 9:30 am

      I’d watch it over, particularly the James Bond scene. Thanks for commenting.

  2. #3 by @eddsnotdead on July 28, 2012 - 11:45 pm

    I really loved the ceremony and I’ve been pretty sceptical up till that point. As it stands Boyle celebrated the things that make us great and with a joy that indicated a lack of political message.
    Thats what made it great.
    The left have claimed the ceremony as a champion attacking Tory rule, the right have attacked it for being preachy. In truth its the extremes from both sides that make themselves look like biggots or nutters.
    Yet again its a few muppets with big mouths…but they couldnt spoil this party. Their own? Almost certainly, but Danny Boyles will be jigging about in my bonce for years. 🙂
    (the mail writers are there to offend, its their mandate, ignore the horrible little seeping wounds. its the best policy)

  3. #5 by hitmanharris on July 30, 2012 - 2:50 pm

    Only just had a chance to comment on this as I spent the weekend with my university educated white sister, my Kenyan brother-in-law and my beautiful mixed-race nephews (miss you boys xx). This is the first time I have used these labels to describe them, I prefer ‘my family who I love dearly’. The comments in the Mail couldn’t be more out of touch.

    I didn’t notice the multi-cultural agenda to the opening ceremony, I was too busy enjoying myself. Totally bonkers and wonderfully British.

    • #6 by slightlysuburbandad on July 30, 2012 - 2:56 pm

      Cheers for commenting and spot on. The only time I think of that side of my family in terms of race is when it’s pointed out by bigots.

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