• One pink Super Dry T-Shirt (well worn)
  • One pair of blue trousers, the kind that make you look important without making people question exactly how much it IS that you get paid (quite new)
  • Two animal puzzle bits, duck and giraffe, quite large
  • The lids to three Fisher Price Eggs
  • The human ability to make a perpetual motion machine
  • Forty-three odd socks
  • The smoked paprika I use in one dish twice a year
  • My flip flops
  • Child’s sandpit toys – one rake and one dinosaur mould (plastic and garish)
  • Any strawberries on my strawberry plants (probably because I forgot to cover them each time it was frosty)
  • Three clothes pegs
  • World peace
  • One colander handle
  • Every shape sorter bit we ever had (but not the shape sorters)
  • The ability to get Baby to go to sleep at night (recent and possibly temporary)
  • Eleven felt tip lids
  • My crisps (missing, presumed munched)
  • Wii sports disc (but not the case)
  • One “Very Hungry Caterpillar” book, well thumbed, drool encrusted
  • Two plastic footballs
  • One mobile phone charger
  • Tickets for the zoo (used)
  • Pu Yi, the last Qing dynasty Emperor of China
  • Several packets of raisins
  • My sanity

If found please return to slightlysuburbandad c/o this blog (except for Pu Yi who probably smells a bit by now). Alternatively most of the stuff will come free with the house when we sell it (except for the human ability to make a perpetual motion machine which is kind of stuck due to the laws of physics).


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