Ten Things I Tell Myself Every Day

So the lovely mummyglitzer tagged me in a meme which is very much like myself – simple but infectious.

Simply list 10 things you tell yourself every day. A couple of mine may be a bit made up. Then tag some dudes. My ten things are…………….

  1. Sleep is for wimps
  2. No matter how middle-class the Paddington books Boy loves are (I mean they have a housekeeper and live in Knightsbridge and Jonathan says ‘whizzo’) at least it’s not Beatrix Farking Potter
  3. Put your pants on before opening the blinds.
  4. Flame throwers aren’t toys
  5. I have really good weeble / bath octopus / shape-sorter bit ducking skills. These could be useful if we ever needed to run away and join the circus. So there’s a Plan B.
  6. Do not have regrets over the incident with the Panda, the wetsuit and the Marmite. They never pressed charges.
  7. It’s inevitable that at some stage I will be waiting for a train that is quite late. The best way to deal with this is to rant about it on Twitter. Share the pain.
  8. Oh look, donuts!
  9. However tired or frustrated I get try not to shout at the kids. It never helps.
  10. I am SO lucky. Treasure every day.

Right tags. Some fellow bloggers I like very much, that don’t seem to mind a meme and that weren’t already tagged by mummyglitzer I think



Random Pearls Of Wisdom



….consider yourselves TAGGED (apologies if you’ve already done it).


  1. #1 by The Crumby Mummy on March 28, 2012 - 8:28 pm

    Love this meme! Scared for the panda!

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