Technology Wars

So today I made a mistake as you may have seen from the apology I posted. I am still angry though. Angry with technology.

You see the comments I thought had been removed from a post HAD if you only ever looked on an iPhone (and possibly other smartphones). When looked at on a p.c. they were there. Why? WHY? Why the giddy fark is this different? The code – the data and HTML and javascript and whatever else is the same and then the phone takes it and renders it differently. I just became the victim of technology wars.

Technology wars are absurd and they nearly always involve an emerging invention which has 2 big forms each made or promoted by a similar but different behemoth. It started for me with video players. VHS v Betamax. As wars go it was short  but you definitely didn’t want to be on the losing side. There was a kid at our school who had a Betamax recorder and he didn’t live it down for 5 years. Still to this day I bet he walks in to the pub and someone says ‘Alright Betamax?’

At around the same time the Sinclair was taking on the Commodore 64 in the first of computer wars. And guess what? They were fairly similar but with annoying subtle differences. One similarity though – half the time the games didn’t load.

The next generation was p.c. v Mac. WHY? Two computers with different operating systems that have slightly different things they are better at and yet people have fights over which is best. Why the actual fark is that?

DVD v Blu Ray. Haven’t a clue who’s going to win that. Got one of each so I don’t get laughed out of pubs.

Then there’s wars within wars. Android vs iPhone. Smartphone vs tablet. Smartphone vs tablet vs p.c. All doing more or less the same stuff but not quite and Vicente Rodriguez help you if you get it wrong.

But the worst has to be browsers. I use Google Chrome at the moment because I like the look and feel and rendering speed but I have used Firefox in the past and IE when I didn’t know better. Opera is probably the best yet no-one uses it so no-one codes or tests for it. Each one makes stuff look just a bit different.

This is where the real war is. Open the wrong browser in the wrong company and you’re toast. There seems to be a competition to use the most different or obscure software too. “Look at this new open-source browser, Genghis v5.0. It can render any page in a trillionth of a nano-second and it tugs you off while it does it”. “Gerald?” “Yes?” “it only comes in Mongolian and there’s no translate facility”. “Oh”.

And here’s a thing. For a good long while Apple have been famous for not running Flash. Astounding. Famous because your farking hardware won’t run something used by half the websites in Christendom.  And they’re proud of it. They wear it like a badge of honour.

It’s no wonder people get a little confused. I’m just the one that goes on instant rant mode over it instead of taking a while to think.


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  1. #1 by christiana83 on August 3, 2012 - 9:17 pm

    I’ve been using Opera for a long time, and I really like it! I find it’s really fast and even though no one tests for it, it still works fine on most websites. Whenever I run accross somthing which it doesn’t work well with, I just pop open IE. I hate IE, but fortunately I don’t need it often.

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