12 Questions, 12 Answers, Some Bloggers

So another meme lands in my inbox from the lovely Mum Of One. I’ve slightly cheated. I do lots of things slightly. Anyhoo – rules

I got 12 questions which I have answered painfully honestly. Then I write 12 of my own and tag some dudes. I’m not tagging the full 12 as there probably aren’t 12 left by now but I’ll explain a bit later, My answers:

1. Favourite book?

My favourite ‘me book’ is Birds Without Wings by Louis de Bernieres. Mine and Boy’s favourite children’s book is Boing! by Sean Taylor. Birds Without Wings mixes travel, history, poetry, comedy and utterly ridiculous words in to an stunningly beautiful and terrifying tale with no real main central character. Boing! is a shaggy dog story that mentions trampolining, Patisseries and getting spiked like a kebab. Also your kid gets to shout BOOOIIIIINNNGGG every 2nd page or so. We did a workshop with Sean Taylor last May and he’s a lovely, witty, interesting and intelligent person who was great with a somewhat over-enthusiastic Boy.

2. First famous crush?

Madonna in the 80’s circa Like a Virgin

3. Worst film ever watched?

If I don’t like a film I normally turn ‘em off. Bean (aka Mr Bean The Movie) is probably the worst I’ve sat thorough. I just don’t find it funny. Oh look he’s fallen over. Oh look he’s driven badly. Oh look a funny face. Oh look someone took a gun to the TV screen because they were so bored out of their tiny fucking mind by visual comedy.

Shame really. I liked Rowan in Blackadder.

The food and drink section:

4. Red or white?

Red. Specifically St Emillion Grand Cru. Have you got any? *holds out glass hopefully*

5. Chicken or fish?

Chicken. We’re a bit Hugh F-W with chicken. I like to get the biggest, free rangiest, organicist one I can from the butcher and make 4 meals from it. First roast the whole thing slathered in Olive Oil and Sea Salt and stuffed with lemon and thyme. Then turn leftovers in to risotto, soup and sandwiches. Perfect. *drools* *hunts down late night butchers*

6. Still or sparkling?

Sparkling. Still is boring. San Pelligrino if I get the choice.

The bloggity-blog section:

7. Favourite post written by you?

One of my early ones about Beatrix Potter here

8. Favourite post read in the last week?

The Flip Side of Virtue by Anna Tims aka Aging Matron here

9. The blog you think we should ALL be following?

I love LOADS and I have only blogging and reading a couple of months.




edge it by a tiny, tiny margin but I love you, and you, and you *points*. With a gun to my head I’d choose SAHDandproud because Spencer makes me cry laughing, cry with sadness and he’s controversial. With a gin to my head I’d choose Mother Venting (see what I did there?).

You are nearly there.  Deep breaths.  The FINAL section:

10. Favourite song?

Open Arms by Elbow. When Brighton played their first league game in their new stadium all my old mates and me converged in a back street Brighton pub beforehand. The ‘Everyone’s Here’ bit was running through my brain the whole time.

11. Your best joke?

The one I linkyed to your Arf Arf. Or – What did the Mexican Fireman call his sons? Jose and Hose B. But probably the linky one.

12. Mahahaha…..you are done!

No I’m not. I’m never done. *rides off in to the sunset gibbering about buses, broccoli and Ibiza*

Now my 12 questions. I am tagging 3 bloggers, my 3 ‘must follows’ above but ANYONE who reads this feel free to copy out the questions and provide answers on the back of a post card. Or actually in a link in Comments below. Phew!

  1. If Social Media and the Internet had not yet been invented would you be writing a diary, a novel, or nothing at all?
  2. What’s your favourite comedy? (Can be film, TV, play or book)
  3. What’s your favourite children’s book?
  4. Who would win a fight between the Zingzillas and the Haa-Hoos?
  5. Ugliest piece of kitchen equipment
  6. Is having a novelty singing fish in your bathroom / toilet funny?
  7. What do you get the most out of blogging?
  8. Straight glass or jar?
  9. You are world ruler for a day. What do you do first?
  10. The world is going to be destroyed by a huge asteroid in precisely 15 minutes. Nowhere is safe. Everyone knows. What are you doing?
  11. Best / most helpful piece of baby or child ‘kit’ ever bought or borrowed?
  12. Most useless / hopeless / waste of money piece of child or baby kit ever bought or borrowed?
  1. #1 by jbmumofone on February 23, 2012 - 7:33 pm

    Mahahahaha Jose and Hose…just genius. I am so stealing that one. mahahaha…

  2. #2 by motherventing on February 23, 2012 - 7:44 pm

    I’m flattered. And pleased that I’m one of your faves. But do this meme? Seriously?? Why can’t there be a meme which is just ‘Oh look at this picture and think nice thoughts and then psychically pass it on’ sort of thing? *whinge* *moan* *gripe*

    No really, I am pleased. *small voice* Thanks.

    (please tag me again soon)

    • #3 by slightlysuburbandad on February 23, 2012 - 9:14 pm

      I will. As soon as ’35 really embarrassing facts about your childhood’ comes round you’ll be the first to know *maniacal laugh*

  3. #4 by anna tims (@ageingmatron) on February 24, 2012 - 5:56 pm

    What a delicious compliment. Sorry I somehow missed this tag. Like the questions. If I weren’t at risk of boring my readers with yet personal trivia, I’d do it all again!

  1. Dozen « motherventing

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