The Buggy Spaces on Buses Are For Buggies

*puts up another rant alert poster*

The buggy and wheelchair spaces on buses are for buggies and wheelchairs.

They’re not for your shopping trolley on wheels really. I know plastic bags are evil but everywhere does reusable non-plastic ones these days. A shopping trolley is either ostentatious or Old School. Either way don’t store it in the buggy bit. That’s for buggies.

They’re not for your suitcase either. Who the fuck takes a suitcase big enough for a 2 week holiday in Florida on a local bus trip anyway? I used to do a weekly commute with a case smaller than that. If you are going on a 2 week holiday to Florida, presumably it cost you a bit and you can afford to get a fucking taxi to the station. You’re not even getting off at the station are you? Anyhow, if you really, really need the case there’s a luggage rack for  it. Over there. Away from the buggies. *points*

They’re definitely not for you slouching teenagers. When I was a teenager and I went on a bus I slouched properly by GOING UPSTAIRS and slouching on the BACK SEAT. That’s what’s wrong with this feckless, flaccid, flatulent X-Box and PS3 generation. Can’t even be arsed to go up to the top bit of a double decker and slouch properly. The skinny trousered, floppy haired James Blunts.

It could be for you Old Lady struggling to get on but here, why don’t you have my seat. Don’t give me that filthy look, I’m getting up for you. “Have my seat”. I said “HAVE MY SEAT DEAR”. Oh. You’re getting off again. I forgot your free bus pass positively encourages you to ride the bus for one whole stop. Bye Bye. I said BYE BYE.

The buggy and wheelchair spaces on buses are for buggies and wheelchairs..


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  1. #1 by therealmummy on February 22, 2012 - 2:09 pm

    But then there are the people with their suitcase or trolley who see you trying to get on with your pram and turn their head like they haven’t seen you because they don’t want to move. They want you to wait for the next bus. Fuck you selfish buggy space stealer!

  2. #2 by mummyglitzer on February 22, 2012 - 10:53 pm

    When H was little and I was still using the 4×4, sorry huge travel system, I got a bus to the next town. It was an hourly bus with low floor and wheelchair space. I got on and an old lady was sat there with her trolley. I was about to get off as despite OBVIOUSLY seeing me (she rolled her eyes) she made no effort to move. The bus driver told her to move. 😀 When she got off (one stop before me) she pointed out to the bus driver that the sign said they were “for wheelchairs NOT PUSHCHAIRS”. So he asked her where her wheelchair was and she just tutted and got off.

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