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Earlier today Mother Venting threw a rock at me. *Picks self up* *stitches up headwound*. Turns out she was just tagging me in a Meme, so I’ve forgiven her, though the rock looks a bit incongruous on my office floor. Anyway I was truly touched and pleased – till I read the bloody thing. It was going to be a nightmare. Luckily I had a train journey home to consider it and it would stop me worrying about my football team’s impending derby game so I came up with a plan.

I have to list 7 posts I like and 7 blogs to carry on with this theme and then list 7 things about myself. The plan I came up with was simple. My blog is new, I am a Dad blogger, I have just turned 40 and I live in Sussex. I have recently enjoyed muchly posts by people who have one of those things in common with me. So that’s my posts AND my bloggers sorted. My criteria above does not, however, contribute to the 7 things about me. Far too dull. That bit at least I can do. I think. My brain hurts a bit what with being struck on the head by that fucking rock.

So – 7 posts.

31 Bands To Fall In Love With In 2012

Getting On A Bit

The day my heart melted

Grumpy me?


To Trust a Toddler Or Not

Peppa Pig Bad? …Pull the other one

7 Blogs

The first one is Muso Dad who was nice enough to read my first showcase and knows about a million times more about music than me – and I love music.

The second is from SAHDandproud who may put that he’s not a writer on his blog but is in fact a writing genius.

The third from Mutterings of a Fool touched my heart.

The fourth from Random Pearls of Wisdom touched a nerve because, frankly, that’s me too.

The fifth from Snoo and Me shows why the right wing press should think before they print and everyone else should think as they’re reading. And before they talk.

The sixth from mummyglitzer is a great early post from a newbie and a lovely Tweep..

The seventh is from the man who inadvertently got me in to all this when he was #ff –ed by Seagull Songs on Twitter. I tweeted him back on this one as I consider myself a cross between Daddy Pig and Homer Simpson. Talking of which….

7 things about me.

  1. I can speak “Taxi” Chinese but I get the tones all wrong.
  2. I had a hamster who kept kicking his sawdust in to the sides of the cage. We named him ‘Scrabble’ but I wanted to call him ‘Piles’.
  3. I am properly terrified of driving cars, which for a bloke is wrong on a million different levels.
  4. I am scared of broccoli.
  5. I once took part in a tuc-tuc race in the middle of Chennai at 1 in the morning, blind drunk.
  6. Me and my brother took it in turns to follow Chesney Hawkes round a Brighton techno club singing “I Am The One And Only” at him and telling girls what nice hair he had. (Yeah I know, it was the 90s).
  7. I shout at Radio 4 and have a secret stash of cardigans.

Apparently everyone I mentioned now has to do this but PLEASE only do so if you want. I’m not the Meme police. Muso Dad is particularly excused as he already posted something very similar.

Byeeee. *waves at Mother Venting* *collapses with concussion*

  1. #1 by motherventing on January 31, 2012 - 8:39 pm

    LMAO jeepers, it wasn’t even a BIG rock, more like a pebble… what a wuss… ANYWAY. Scared of broccoli? Why? Were you savaged by some as a child? And I am amazed ol’Chesney didn’t clobber you. Maha.

    Nice choice of blogs/posts, I am going to check out the ones I haven’t checked out already. Thanks for participating WILLINGLY and under no DUE FORCE whatsoever… 😀

  2. #2 by slightlysuburbandad on January 31, 2012 - 8:52 pm

    No problem. Brocolli? It’s green and furry and green furry things are scary and should not be eaten. Chesney’s mates were looking for us for an hour. Luckily the club had a few ‘secret nooks’.

  3. #3 by Expat Mammy on January 31, 2012 - 9:21 pm

    Taxi Chinese?? I’m scared of pasta. Great post tho

    • #4 by slightlysuburbandad on January 31, 2012 - 10:25 pm

      Taxi Chinese – enough to get me home in a taxi without the need for written down characters. I also spoke ‘Kitchen Chinese’ – enough to get me a spicy beef noodle soup and a beer. My tones were and are horrible, it’s a language you need to have grown up speaking.

  4. #5 by mummyglitzer on January 31, 2012 - 9:43 pm

    Oh wow, thank you for the tag!

    I shall get to work. *dons thinking gap*

    Fab post.

  1. 7X7 « SAHDandproud

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